Sikh Ethos

Sikh Ethos Pioneer

At Pioneer Academy, the Sikh spirit is the heartbeat of the school. We believe in excellence in all that we do. The Spiritual, moral, social and cultural element of our school culture is taken very seriously. We believe that as well as academic excellence and a world class education, our students deserve the opportunity to develop internally. Making the right choices, becoming ambassadors and catalysts of change by serving others is very high on our agenda.

The Sikh values of Naam Japna (To meditate daily) Kirat Karni (to work with integrity) and Vand Chakna (to share with others) is what we value the most.

On site, we have a beautiful Gurdwara that is open to all faiths and none. We have a daily spiritual practice of meditation and encourage active listening and mindfulness.

Our Gurdwara is a safe space for young people to come and sit, reflect, practice kirtan, experimenting with diverse music genres including a fusion of classical and modern styles.

Our students are leaders in the Gurdwara and engage in traditional Gurmukhi and modern languages giving them the edge above others.

Each student is given the opportunity to learn and perform actions according to the Sikh Rehat Maryadha (Code of conduct) as well as learn how to run a Gurdwara by experiencing and practising each element personally. Our programme allows students to train one another to grow both, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Our open-door policy means that those from all faiths and none are given the opportunity to learn and develop themselves through their own faith and belief. Our school takes pride in celebrating auspicious days and making them in the calendar to open our Gurdwara to every student, staff and parent in the school community creating an atmosphere of inclusion and diversity in all that we do.

The Sikh faith teaches us to serve all “Sarbat da Bhalla.” At Pioneer we have promised to give students the opportunity to serve selflessly in the community whether that be volunteering at the local food bank, working with the community safety protection unit, speaking in parliament on the importance of religious freedom and expression or singing and reading to those who are in end-of-life care homes. Our school and the Sikh spirit here empowers people to grow, recognise their own personal potential and provide the faith, belief, values and confidence for them to achieve anything they believe in with humanity and humility at the core.

Sardarni Navleen Kaur
Head, Sikh Ministry