At Khalsa Primary School, we believe in supporting all children including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN) so that they can achieve their full potential and be successfully included in the mainstream education. Staff at Khalsa Primary school strive to provide inclusive first quality teaching which will enable all students to flourish.

The range of support is available to cater for a range of needs. The support is designed to promote pupils’ progress, independence and well-being. At Khalsa Primary some children access additional support through small intervention groups additional to quality first teaching in class. Some pupils may have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and / or be put on the SEN register (Special Educational Needs) or receive EHCP which is issued by the Slough Borough Council.

The SEN Code of Practice 0-25 Years states that there are four broad categories of SEND which are:

  • Communication and Interaction
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Sensory and/or Physical needs

Teachers, Phase Leaders and all adults working with children may raise their concerns using a Child’s Learning Profile. SENCo works closely in conjunction with other stakeholders like parents and specialist professionals to ensure inclusive education for all.

Some children may require an increased support to access their learning due to:

  • Difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age
  • Difficulty in accessing learning due to emotional or physical trauma
  • Disability as defined under the Equality Act which affects their ability to benefit from the educational opportunities

Educational Provision for students currently having an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and/or being on the SEN register and/or EHCN plan may receive the following provision:




Communication and Interaction

Autism Spectrum Condition

  • Access to ASC Advisory Teacher from Slough Borough Council
  • Attention Autism Programme
  • Access to small group support/ key adult


Speech, Language and Communication Needs

  • Screening for Communication and Language difficulties
  • Access to Language and communication programme – Language Link
  • Access to SAL service for children in Nursery


Cognition and Learning

Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Access to Advisory Teacher from Slough Borough Council
  • Reading Clubs
  • Small intervention groups for Maths, Reading and Phonics
  • Teaching and Learning strategies adapted to individual needs
  • A key worker where appropriate


Social, emotional and mental health difficulties


Social Needs

  • Baseline screening to identify those who need targeted support
  • ELSA
  • Social Skills groups – LEGO


Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties

  • ELSA
  • Access to SEBDOS
  • Buddy system


Sensory and/or Physical needs


Hearing Impairment

  • Access to HI specialist

Visual Impairment

  • Access to VI specialist
  • Specialist access/adaptations to learning resources


Multi-sensory needs

  • Baseline tools for screening for sensory difficulties
  • Sensory Circuit intervention
  • Sensory Diet intervention


Physical disability/ difficulties

  • Secure medication storage and logging of medication administration
  • Access to community nurses



Khalsa Primary School may offer additional support available due to the ever-changing needs of students. For extra information regarding the support and provisions available, please contact the SENCO Marta Agrawal or the Head Teacher Mrs Pavin Dhaliwal.


In the instance when the pupil requires SEN/ additional support, the information is available through Slough’s Local Offer which outlines other available resources.

Helpful recourses and websites:


Integrated Support Service


Speech Link Parent Portal