Online Safety

At Khalsa Primary School, we use a range of strategies to ensure we are teaching children good habits and safe behaviours when going online, as well as providing a range of contexts and experiences for them to practice and embed these habits.

We aim to keep to keep our children safe online through-

  • Modelling of safe behaviours through the use of the Internet, and other online tools;
  • Embedding the teaching of online-safety through all Computing lessons, such as how to search safely through a search engine, or how to collaborate in a document;
  • Sequential and progressive planning for direct teaching of Online Safety throughout the school
  • Sharing guidelines relating to remote learning are shared with both pupils and parents
  • Sharing with our pupils the impact of cyber-bullying and what to do if they have been affected.
  • Being vigilant when communicating online recognising that people may not always be who they say they are and to be sensible about what they share.
  • to tell an adult they trust if something is upsetting them.
  • Questioning the reliability of information given through a web-based source.
  • Modelling how to search responsibly for information while using internet browsers.

We understand that much of our pupil’s use of the internet will occur at home, away from the school filters.

Below are a list of useful websites, advice and resources that you may find helpful when navigating the issue of online safety with your child. At the bottom of this page are resources that your child can directly access as well to help them learn about online safety.