As of Monday 1st February 2021, Khalsa Primary School changed to Academy status and is now under the trusteeship of The Sikh Academies Trust (SAT).


We are able to offer 26 spaces per morning and afternoon session.  Children will start Nursery the September after their third birthday.

Once your child has turned 2 years old, please complete the Khalsa Primary School ‘Application Form’.

Admission to nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception at Khalsa Primary School.

Reception September 2024 Intake

The admission process for Reception 2024 is now open until 15 January 2024.

All applicants must complete the Common Application Form via your Local Authority. In addition, the below Khalsa Primary School ‘Application Form’ must be completed.

If you are of the Sikh faith, an additional ‘SIF’ must also be completed.

Do not forget to provide a copy of your child’s full birth certificate and proof of your residence (council tax or utility bill only).

Utility bills are water, gas, electricity, TV license, Broadband and Landline phone. Tenancy agreements and bank statements are not accepted.

An in-year admission is when you apply for a school place in an existing year group (outside of the normal admissions round) and at a time when your child should already be attending school.

All applicants must complete the ‘Application Form’ and any applicable application forms from your local authority. If you are of the Sikh faith, an additional ‘SIF’ must also be completed.

Reception 2024 Admissions Process

1. All applicants should apply for school places using the online Common Application Form (CAF) via your local council’s website.

Contact the schools you have applied for and complete additional forms.

2. Khalsa Primary School’s Application Forms will be available from 1st December 2023. All applicants should complete and return Khalsa Primary School’s ‘Application Form’ by 15th January 2024. Please send application form, along with a photocopy of your child’s full birth certificate and a proof of your residence.

3. If you are from the Sikh Faith, please complete and return Khalsa Primary School’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF) by 15th January 2024 at the address provided on the form by recorded delivery.

The SIF will be marked by the admissions body of Khalsa Primary School.

4. Places will be allocated and you will hear from your local council on 16th April 2024.

If you have any queries, please contact the school office on 01753 823501.


If you’ve applied to a school and it does not offer your child a place, you have the right to appeal this decision. You can only appeal once for a place in the same school each academic year. If you wish to appeal for a place at Khalsa Primary School, please complete the online appeals form.

Please see schedule below:-

Primary School Allocation Date: 16th April 2024

Deadline to lodge an appeal: 17th May 2024

Deadline to submit all evidence: 24th May 2024

Deadlines to hear all primary school appeals will be 19th July 2024 

All appeals to be heard on zoom.