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Our Vision


Khalsa Primary School aims to provide an exceptional academic education and encourage a passion for life-long learning. But, more than this, following the Khalsa way means working to the best of your ability with honesty, integrity and self-discipline. This is what we inspire our students to do.

Our Vision


Khalsa Primary School fosters all aspects of personal development and encourage students to take a life-long journey of self-discovery. The principles of Khalsa will support students in undertaking this journey towards purity of spirit by self-reflection and meditation.

Our Vision


Khalsa Primary School inspires students to share their future skills, knowledge and income with those in need, with love and charity and without discrimination. Khalsa Primary School is a happy and inclusive school, where students of all faiths and none are respected and supported. The Sikh faith is emphatic in respecting all beliefs, and does not seek to convert.

Welcome to Khalsa Primary, Slough. A happy, friendly and spiritual environment where children between the ages of 3 and 11 begin their exciting journey of discovery.

We encourage our pupils to learn through experience and our dedicated staff ensure that children of all abilities have equal opportunities to thrive. Our trustees are the guardians of the school's ethos of providing an education which hones both academic and personal skills as the basis for a successful and fulfilling life.

"Teachers are inspired by the vision and clear sense of direction. As one teacher remarked - The staff do a great job and work very hard and effectively together to create a wonderful school."     Ofsted Report 2011 for Khalsa Primary School


Khalsa was awarded the status of OUTSTANDING by Ofsted.
Read the full report here.

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Winter Wonderland Fete Thursday 19th December 2013
Fun Starts at 2.30pm

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