Our Aspiration For Every Learner:

At Khalsa Primary School our curriculum is designed with our school vision in mind which is:

To develop our pupils to become ‘exemplary citizens’ who have a deep desire to make a positive contribution to our world.

We use research and best practice to develop our curriculum where the learning journey is carefully sequenced to meet the end goal. Our whole school community is aspirational about providing our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding required to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in life so that they can go on to leading personally fulfilling and flourishing lives.

Our Curriculum Drive:

Diversity: We ensure that not only can pupils see themselves in the curriculum, but they also understand and celebrate differences. For example, pupils enjoy learning about diverse cultures, people and experiences.

Reading: Opportunities for pupils to read language rich texts are created throughout the curriculum. Through reading we teach our pupils to think critically, analyse and problem-solve. These are essential skills for success in later life.

Individual Character Development: We develop our pupils to be exemplary citizens through supporting them to be confident, articulate, caring, world changing individuals. We develop our pupils to be natural leaders and provide service wherever their futures may take them.

Vocabulary and Language development: A strong indicator of reading success. We know from research that the size of a child’s vocabulary is the best predictor of success in future life.

Equality: Planning an accessible curriculum supports meeting the needs of all pupils no matter what point they are at within the learning journey.